Plan i rrezikshëm për të shpëtuar luaneshën nga pusi –
Plan i rrezikshëm për të shpëtuar luaneshën nga pusi
Autori: ArgëtimFun 8:30, 13 November 2017
Kurreshtja e kafshëve ka tendencë të jenë në situata të rrezikshme shumë shpesh.

Disa herë, janë në gjendje të shtrydhin veten e tyre, por herët tjera, ato kërkojnë ndihmë të vogël nga të huajt.

Këtë vit në Amrapur, në një fshat të vogël të Indisë, fshatarët lokalë zbuluan një luaneshë që kishte rënë në një pus prej 80 këmbësh dhe nuk mundi të dilte.

Fshatarët u mblodhën së bashku për të provuar një përpjekje ekstreme dhe tepër të rrezikshme që ta shpëtojnë luaneshën, por doli të ishte më keq se sa parashikoi…Baloch knew there was no easy way to get the lioness out of the well. He came up with the idea to put himself in a metal cage and have the villagers slowly lower him in. He was putting his life in danger, but he knew it was for the benefit of the dwindling Asiatic lion species, and it was worth it.As soon as he got to the bottom, he lassoed the rope around the lioness’s shoulders so the villagers could pull her out. It took him a few tries since she was struggling, but he eventually secured it.Once the rope was secured around the cat, Baloch signaled to the people above to start hoisting her upward. It took several grown men to lift her, but they made progress—slowly. Baloch was relieved his idea was working!The lioness was clearly distressed from the fall. She was also incredibly exhausted from treading water for so long. Just as she emerged out of the well’s opening, she tiredly swatted at some of the rescuers and let out a faint roar. Thankfully, villagers were able to safely pull her into an open cage without incident.Once the cage door was shut, a huge sigh of relief swept over Baloch and all of the villagers. They had successfully rescued the lioness, and no one was injured in the process! She was transported to the Sasan Gir Animal Care Center, a center that specializes in Asiatic lions.When the lioness arrived, she was thoroughly examined by the center’s team of veterinarians. Incredibly, the lioness was found to be in good condition considering she tumbled nearly 80 feet down a well.Thankfully, her recovery was swift, and the animal experts at Sasan Gir released her back into the wild in a forest on the outskirts of Amrapur. They hoped she would eventually be able to locate her pride again.As upsetting as this story is, it’s not the first time it’s happened to an Asiatic lion, and it probably won’t be the last. In November 2014, in the city of Junagadh, India, another lion had to be hoisted out of a 60-foot well by a rope.It turned out to be an eight-year-old male, and just like the lioness that was rescued, he was immediately transported to Sasan Gir after locals pulled him out of the well. Luckily, he also made a full and speedy recovery!Luckily, people in the Gujarati region of India are incredibly proud of the rare, indigenous creatures that live among them, and they are willing to go to extreme measures to save them from harm’s way. Thanks to the hardworking villagers of Amrapur, the Asiatic lions’ future is looking bright!


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